F. A. Q.

Do you shoot destination weddings ?

- Yes! I can travel in any part of the world where loving hearts are!

How much in advance should we book a date ?

- If it's summer or fall, the sooner the better! A lot of couples book me a year before their weddings in order to be sure that this exact day I won't be booked by anyone else. It can be six months before or even a week before! If you don't have rigid bindings to any particular day, you can even write me at night, and the next day we go to shoot! Of course unless this date is free)

How to book a date ?

- Please contact me and tell me as much information as you can: tell me about the date, about yourself, about the place, kind of event, decor, dress, so on. And don't be shy and don't forget to show me the photo of your couple! I'm always happy to see the person whom I'm talking to!)
Then I will tell you if the desired date is not occupied yet. If not, we will sign a contract, and you will have to make me an advance payment in order to "block" your date. There is a fixed amount of the advance payment and it is 50% of the full cost of the services.

Do you photoshop your clients ?

- From day one, my photography is always about celebrating love and authenticity. I share photos of all my clients no matter how they look because I want YOU to know that YOU are beautiful because we are all unique and different and important.
I won’t photoshop you taller or skinnier. I won’t photoshop the scar on your forehead that is a part of your identity. I won’t photoshop to alter what is real and true for you.

Do you have backup equipment?

- Yes, sure! So don't worry, your pictures will be safe.

Do you shoot weddings only ?

- Not at all! I love shooting also engagements/love stories, editorials, personal photography, portraits, holidays pictures, family shootings and pregnancy. Write me about your dream shooting and I will do my best to make your shooting unforgettable.

Still have questions ?

- I am more than happy to answer, please feel free contact me.